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Born and raised in South Louisiana, I always enjoy bringing friends and family together for a meal and to share memories. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiling faces, when they eat the dishes that I've prepared for them. The southern hospitality that's second nature to me brings nourishment to the body and soul.

After I retired from professional football, a friend of mine called in a favor, and as luck would have it, I found my calling in the seafood business. This venture has led me to meet new friends far and wide and to experience cultures and cuisines outside of my own. Because of my own experiences and heritage. I will always go the extra mile to carefully source seafood that supports local fisherman and their families in North America. I am proud to offer great food with a variety of choices and I am filled with gratitude that I am able to enjoy the detours along the way.

Oceans 97, Inc. is a National Minority Supply Chain Company which began in 2015. Owner and president, former New England Patriots defensive lineman Jarvis Green, entered the shrimp business after his retirement from the NFL. The shrimp is wild caught from the Gulf of Mexico by U.S. gulf coast fishermen. Oceans 97’s shrimp and shrimp products reflect Green’s commitment to locally sourced and natural products. Green has become a leader in educating people about the health benefits of a diet rich in fresh and natural ingredients.

The company’s first entrée into the shrimp industry was as a wholesale distributor of shrimp in partnership with companies such as Dole & Bailey, founded in 1850 and currently the oldest butcher in North America. In just two years, Oceans 97 experienced rapid growth and distribution of its products nationwide. In July 2017, Oceans 97 launched a line of value added products which debuted on QVC via both their television and online programming. The shrimp and shrimp valued added products are now available in major retail locations such as Stop & Shop and Walmart (launch in Sept. ’18) as well as many restaurants and institutional food service locations. The line of gourmet shrimp and sauce meals are available in several sauce flavors that include New Orleans Style BBQ, Coconut Curry, Garlic Butter and Pomodori. Oceans 97 will be introducing many new products in the coming months and will continue to expand the availability of its products at more locations nationwide as well as having all of their products available at more locations.